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Catherine L. Wolfe, Attorney and Author of
"Get The Edge In Fighting Animal Cruelty Cases"

 Curriculum Vitae of Catherine L. Wolfe 

(8-page PDF document)

Catherine Wolfe received her law degree from the University of Detroit School of Law in 1984. After passing the bar, she served as an attorney for a Circuit Court Judge in Oakland County, Michigan, for 12 years. In 1997 she moved to Northern Michigan where she currently has her own law practice. As part of her practice she handles a wide variety of animal related cases. Her clients include numerous animal law enforcers, humane societies, animal rescue leagues, animal shelters, animal sanctuaries, and animal rehabilitators.

Ms. Wolfe has had a life-long passion for animals, beginning as a young child and continuing through to the present. In college she studied animals and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology. Ms. Wolfe served on the Board of Directors for an animal shelter near Detroit, Michigan, and as Chairperson of the Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan. Ms. Wolfe is currently the State Bar of Michigan's Coordinator for Media in Northern Michigan on animal issues and is a former board member of the Animal Welfare League of Benzie County. Ms. Wolfe was also instrumental in saving her local animal shelter.

Ms. Wolfe has authored numerous articles about animal welfare. Ms. Wolfe has also given numerous presentations about animal welfare with a focus on the laws that affect animals. Ms. Wolfe was a presenter at the National Animal Control Association (NACA) Annual Conferences in 2005 and 2006.

Ms. Wolfe is currently owned by 6 dogs - 2 sweet Chocolate Labs, 1 adorable Brittany, 2 promiscuous Toy Poodles, and 1 tyrannical Chihuahua - all of whom were abused, neglected, and/or abandoned. The Brittany is deaf and is currently teaching Ms. Wolfe about the special rewards of being owned by a deaf dog (and they are many).

Laura Spaeth - Author of "A Pet's Last Will and Testament"

Laura has been active in animal welfare for many years and currently spends much of her time volunteering at her local animal shelter. She has been the Vice President of the Benzie County Animal Welfare League in Michigan for over a decade.

For years Laura has had a column in the local newspaper entitled “Animal Corner." The column features stories and information about animals. Before passing away in 2005, her sheltie, Rocky, co-authored some of the columns.

Laura and her husband, Al, have had numerous pets who have touched their souls. One of those pets was Sandy, a collie. Laura and Al so loved Sandy that on the 10th anniversary of her passing, Laura wrote “A Pet's Last Will and Testament.” Since then Laura has shared “A Pet's Last Will and Testament” with numerous family members and friends who have found much comfort in it. When Rocky passed away it afforded Laura and Al, a bit of solace. It is Laura's hope that “A Pet's Last Will and Testament” will provide the same comfort and solace to others who have lost beloved pets.

Gary Norman, Lawyer

Gary Norman, LawyerMr. Norman is a highly distinguished, proponent of animal welfare. He is a past Chairperson of the Animal Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association and has authored numerous articles on animal welfare with a special focus on the issues facing services animals and their handlers. Mr. Norman has first hand knowledge of those issues because he has a service dog. He was recently voted one of the top 10 Americans under the age of 35. Mr. Norman's website is:


Terry MacKillop, Animal Control Officer

Terry MacKillop, Animal Control OfficerMr. MacKillop has more than 25 years of experience in animal welfare and preventing animal cruelty. The National Animal Control Association (NACA) named him "Best Animal Control Officer" in the United States, 2007-2008. Mr. MacKillop has extensive knowledge and experience in handling animal cruelty cases and the most effective means of preventing them. Mr. MacKillop currently serves as the President of the Michigan Association of Animal Control Officers (MAACO) and is the Shelter Manager for the Roscommon County Animal Shelter. Information about the shelter is available at:


Wanda Nash, Attorney and Author of the “Michigan Animal Rescue Sourcebook

Ms. Nash became an attorney in order to gain recognition for Animal Law. Ms. Nash attended the Thomas M. Cooley Law School and after being admitted to the Michigan State Bar, she worked in the Calhoun County Prosecutors office. Subsequently, Ms. Nash served for 5 years as the Legislative Aide to State Representative Bill Martin. Thereafter, Ms. Nash worked in the Calhoun County Prosecutor's Office, Child Support Division.

Ms. Nash has dedicated her life to improving the lives of children and animals. She currently owns Four Paws Publishing which publishes the Michigan Animal Rescue Sourcebook, which is now in its 12th Edition. The purpose of this book is to “re-home” animals. It started as the Pure Bred Dog Rescue Sourcebook but has now expanded to include all “companion animals.”

Ms. Nash has authored numerous articles concerning animal welfare, and she compiled and edited The Michigan Animal Handbook which is now in its 2nd Edition. Ms. Nash also authored the Michigan Field Guide to Animal Control and Animal Protection. That is a pocket-sized pamphlet that can be carried in the field and referred to on-site.

Ms. Nash is the founding member of Attorney for Animals as well as the Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan. Ms. Nash is also a former Chairperson of the Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan. In addition, she has served on the Boards of numerous Animal Advocacy Groups and is a font of Animal Law information.

In a nutshell, Ms. Nash has been the driving force in Michigan Animal Law for decades.

In Memoriam – Wanda died on May 8, 2008

WANDA NASH, Esquire — A Lady Who Rocked The World
By: Catherine Wolfe

Several years ago a young woman was complaining to me that she was bored because there was nothing to do in her community. I suggested that she volunteer for a charity – that helping others would not only help them, but would help her develop a sense of self-worth. It would also make the world a better place.

She looked at me and said, "One person can't make a difference." I was dumb-founded. Since meeting Wanda for the first time approximately 20 years ago, I have taken for granted the fact that one person can make a difference. Wanda changed the course of my life and the lives of countless others (both people and animals) with her compelling, and uncompromising spirit and love. The numbers are countless because she was a force that caused a ripple effect that grows greater every minute of every day. Her life may have ended, but her spirit and love live on in those of us who knew her, and grows as we pass her spirit and love onto others – it increases exponentially, and that is the way she would have wanted it.

Wanda loved people and animals – passionately. She took classes from Judge Schnelz for whom I worked for years. He was so impressed with Wanda that he insisted that I contact her about our mutual interest in animals. His words, "Call Wanda Nash" changed my life. I did as he said and was soon over my head in animal issues and causes.

Wanda was a kindred spirit and I am honored to have accompanied her on part of her journey through life. I must confess that many of the projects Wanda undertook, I never thought would succeed. However, she had vision and drive that most people lack, myself included. All her life she envisioned a world that was kinder towards people and animals and no one I know worked harder to make that vision a reality, and succeeded most of the time. The changes she affected with her vision and spirit are profound. I can speak from personal experience – she made me believe that I could do anything I set my mind to. As a result, I have done more than I ever thought possible. She always pushed me gently but firmly, and was always there to catch me when I fell.

Winston Churchill believed that there is no such thing as history, only biographies. Having known Wanda, I now believe that as well. People such as Wanda Nash have changed the world throughout the ages, and although she now belongs to the ages, Wanda lives on in our hearts and minds. May she rest in peace.

It is so often frustrating to describe someone as special as Wanda, to those who did not know her. I wrote my own tribute to her above. After writing it, her husband showed me a 30 year old advertisement that their local humane society ran seeking to fill the position Wanda had vacated to pursue a career in law. This is the best summation of her character that I can imagine.


Volunteer to replace Calhoun County Humane Society member Wanda Nash. Must be ambitious, kind and generous. In addition to regular job as secretary, other duties include writing congressmen and keeping board informed on current legislation, opening home to four-legged friends, organizing Tag Day in Marshall, taking full responsibility of setting up a Calhoun County Fair booth, taking charge of the cat vaccine program, taking insults from trappers, writing intelligent letters defending our point of view, working Saturdays at the Humane Society Animal Shelter, giving monthly contributions to the neutering fund, and supplying shelter cats with ear mite medicine. Apply in person to Calhoun County Humane Society president.  If individual unavailable, a committee of 10 or more will be accepted.

I rest my case - she was a GREAT person!