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Join the fight against animal cruelty today! Your donation will go a long way in helping us to prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare through education. See Reasons for Donating below.

We use PayPal secure payment service, which allows you to donate in a variety of ways, such as using any major credit card, or your PayPal account (if you have one).

To make a donation, click on the Make a Donation button above. In the secure window that appears, enter the amount of your donation (Unit Price). Then choose either :

Pay with credit card, fill in the required information, then click the Review Order and Continue button.

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You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal. (Item: Wolfe Pack Press - Fight Animal Cruelty)

Reasons for Donating

Donations will be used to prevent animal cruelty through education. Specifically, donations will be used to develop educational materials to help all individuals and organizations interested in animal welfare to identify animal cruelty, and deal with it. Donations will also be used to provide instructors to organizations involved in animal protection and welfare.

To date, donations have been used to provide instructors to law enforcement agencies to educate police officers and animal control officers how to most effectively collect, and present evidence in animal cruelty cases so that animal abusers are prosecuted and rendered the maximum sentences.

To date, donations have also been used to develop and distribute books such as Get the Edge in Fighting Animal Cruelty Cases, which are used by a wide variety of individuals and organizations involved in animal welfare and rescue.

Donations are currently being used to develop a children's book that promotes spaying and neutering, while entertaining, and increasing vocabulary.

Donations are currently being used to send instructors around the United States to train law enforcement officers, animal control officers, and individuals interested in animal welfare, for cruelty investigation certification (Level II).

Also, donations are currently being used to launch an animal cruelty consulting service that will advise people and organizations about how to identify and handle animal cruelty cases.

Specifically, donations, bequests, and charitable gifts enable Wolfe Pack Press to develop educational materials to teach Animal Control Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Humane Agents, and private individuals how to identify, investigate, and prosecute animal cruelty cases. Among the education materials developed so far are the book, Get the Edge In Fighting Animal Cruelty Cases.  This book provides specific instruction on how to collect the most powerful evidence (video/audio recordings and photographs), select the best pieces of evidence, and then present them to law enforcement officers or prosecutors, and ultimately to Judges and Juries.

In addition, donations, bequests, and charitable gifts,have allowed Wolfe Pack Press to send instructors all over the United States to give presentations for such organizations as the National Animal Control Association (NACA), the Association of Certified Cruelty Investigators (ACCI), the Michigan Humane Society (MHS), and the Michigan Association of Animal Control Officers (MAACO).   

To supplement those presentations Wolfe Pack Press has developed Power Point programs that give dramatic and detailed examples of the sort of evidence that be most effective in prosecuting animal cruelty cases. As those Power Point programs are developed they are offered for sale to help fund Wolfe Pack Press.

Donations, bequests, and charitable gifts allow Wolfe Pack Press to distribute some of the educational materials at little or no cost to Animal Control Officers, Law Enforcement, Humane Agents, and private individuals who desperately need the materials but all too often lack the funds to purchase them. Your donations not only directly impact animals who are being abused or neglected, they have an exponential ripple-effect. As an example, last year, the weekend after a Wolfe Pack Press instructor gave a week long Level II cruelty investigation certification class, one of the students rescued 120 animals using the techniques she had learned in class.  

Our students continually amaze us with their dedication to preventing animal cruelty and other than the Wolfe Pack Press materials, there are no products specifically designed for them. There are detailed publications for veterinarians and prosecutors, but none of those address the challenges faced by Animal Control Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Humane Agents, and private individuals in moving their cases from the field to the courtroom. That transition requires knowledge and expertise that Wolfe Pack Press is committed to providing. It is an enormous void because it is not a commercially profitable or viable area. Most commercial organizations avoid the dark side of animal issues, including animal cruelty, because it is so sad it does not sell well and therefore lacks marketability. 

Wolfe Pack Press was originally established after a Wolfe Pack Press instructor gave a presentation at the 2005 Annual Conference of the National Animal Control Association (NACA) and was staggered by the commitment of the Animal Control Officers, their desperate need for learning materials, and their inability to afford them. After approaching numerous commercial organizations to market the products, and being declined, Wolfe Pack Press was founded to fill that void and give the officers and private individuals the learning tools they need.

Please help them and the animals they rescue by making a donation now. Thank you.