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Wolfe Pack Press offers items to all individuals and organizations interested in animal welfare. We will be developing additional products please watch this page for new items.

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"Pets Rule!"
By Catherine L. Wolfe, Attorney
Illustrations by Ann Marie Rogers

"Pets Rule! humorously teaches children how to be loving, responsible, guardians for their pets - to keep them safe and happy. The text is very entertaining and also designed to increase childrens' intelligence by the use of many words that have double meanings. The illustrations of the cats and dogs spectacularly capture the vitality and essence of the characters! This book is appropriate for all ages (even adults). Adults can read the book to preschoolers and school-age children can read it themselves."

Prices include shipping and handling.


$15.00 autographed by the author and
Apryl Mae Junne (a.k.a. Vivien Wolfe)!


The following two PowerPoint programs were presented at the National Animal Control Association's 2007 annual conference.

"Evidence 101"

$150.00 on CD

"Case Studies"

$150.00 on CD

The following two PowerPoint programs were presented at the 2006 National Animal Control Association Annual Conference and are designed for everyone involved in animal rescue.

"Collecting, Selecting, and
Presenting Evidence"

This PowerPoint presentation teaches how to most effectively collect and present evidence in animal cruelty cases. Includes narratives.

$150.00 on CD

"Persuading Prosecutors,
Judges, and Juries"

This PowerPoint presentation teaches how to most effectively assemble and present animal cruelty cases.. Includes narratives.

$150.00 on CD


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"A Pet's Last Will And Testament"

Written by Laura Spaeth
Illustrated by Ann Marie Rogers

11" x 17" format.
Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Price: $10.00


"Trucker" Card Set
Package of 6 cards and envelopes.

Price: $18.00